week 5 dq 5

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This week, you have been learning about three key people whose research and beliefs in the power of intelligence have given rise to new perspectives on both teaching and learning. Active, searching minds such as those of Katz, Gardner, and Goleman provide role models for the ways that educators should approach learning about children’s strengths and challenges, as well as ways adults can inspire children to develop and learn.


Whatever career that you decide to pursue, understanding the power and complexity of your intelligence can help you be more effective in the areas mentioned above.


Click on and take each of the online tests below:



Then, consider what you have learned about the ways people learn, multiple intelligences, and emotional intelligence.


By Day 3:

Post your response to two of the following:


  • What you learned about yourself from these tests
  • What the tests are lacking that you would like to explore more deeply
  • How your awareness regarding intelligences has influenced your thinking about children’s development and learning

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