company being acquired maintains some paper records which are stored warehouse data needs be

The company being acquired maintains some paper records, which are stored in a warehouse. That data needs to be transferred to electronic format. You need to determine the best data storage and management system needed for the new company after figuring out what to do with the paper records currently stored at one of the companies. You will work with your small collaborative work groups to compare information and research results to complete the task the CIO has set. Use the framework of the following points to direct your research: What do we know or understand about the situation? What do we not know and need more information about? From where or whom would we get the information we need and at the time we need it? What decisions or recommendations do we have at present? If we do not have any, why? What kind of data storage or management solution would appear to serve the newly combined company best? What decisions or recommendations can we offer to CIO Martin Simpson by our deadline? What, if any, will we not be able to provide and why?

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