project management critical thinking 8910515 2

Due 04/04/16 APA format , no work cited from wikipedia – all work must be refrenced


The purpose of this assignment is to help you to understand how to measure a project’s progress at any given point in time, forecasting its completion date and final cost, and analyzing variances in the schedule and budget as the project proceeds by developing an Earned Value Analysis (EVA) template.

Review the following website: – its attached

Research the necessary components for an Earned Value Analysis using the textbook and the Internet.  Using the components you identified, create an Earned Value Analysis template that can be used by a company.  The template should include inputs for analyzing variances for determining earned value and analyzing variances.  After completing the template, write an essay that explains the components of the template and describe how the earned value analysis can be used by a project manager.  Include a discussion about the importance to an organization of using an Earned Value Analysis.  Both your template and your essay must be combined into a single MS Word document for submission.

Your essay should be 2-3 pages and should include scholarly resources to support your assertions.. Include a title and a reference page that includes at least three outside references (not including your textbook) to support your thinking. Your template should be included as an appendix to your essay; both parts must be submitted together in one MS Word document.



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