1your application should use class you created earlier tasks your class represents one produ

1.Your application should use the class you created in the earlier tasks. Your class represents one product that your company sells. Your class should have at least 3 attributes (instance variables). Getters and setters for each instance variables should be provided. Attributes should be appropriately typed and scoped to incorporate data hiding. Appropriate constructor(s) should be created and called. 2.The application should provide a user friendly interface that allows the user to input sales data for at least 2 instances of your product class. 3.Data validation should be incorporated at the time of data entry. At least one error checking condition must be incorporated to allow the user to re-enter a data value that is not valid. 4.Constructor(s) should be called to create instances of your class once the user has entered valid data. 5.The interface should allow the display of the entered product information for each product. This information should display well formatted using a combination of printf(), print() and println() statements. Headers and labels should be used in the display to make it clear what each value displayed represents. 6.After product information has been entered and displayed, your application should allow the user to compute average sales and shipping charges. The application should call the computeAverageSales() and computeShippingCharges() method on your product class. 7.There is no limit to the number of orders placed for each product. Using sentinel controlled repetition, the computeAverageSales() method should allow a user to enter product sales data until the user has indicated that they are done. The average of the entered sales data will be computed and returned by the method to be displayed by the application. If the value of the average sales exceeds, $200.00, a message should be displayed to alert the user that the product has produced a significant amount of revenue. 8.The computeShipping Charges() method should use sentinel controlled repetition, to allow a user to enter shipping data until the user has indicated that they are done. The total shipping charges will be computed and returned as a double value. The application will display the computed shipping charges.

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