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the first classmate

    The difference between these two is complex.  When a society has a very high gun ownership rate, criminals are less likely to commit a crime because there’s a good chance they will get killed.  On the other hand, a society with low gun ownership and low crime rates probably has more to do with socioecenomics.  These countries might not have many low income areas where crime is most often seen.  

Guns provide profit within a capitalist economy.  People buy guns on a daily basis and for a variety of different reasons.  Anytime someone buys a gun for hunting or protection, that money helps the economy.  


2nd classmate

5. I think what accounts for the difference between these countries is countries with high gun ownership feel more protected and safe, knowing that they have a weapon if someone dangerous comes in their property. Also if criminals know about high gun ownership, people will be scare of doing a crime because there is a higher chance of getting killed. The low gun ownership and low crime rate may be that the country does not have a lot of low income area, so people do not think they need to steal to get what they want and the people may think it is safe, so there is no need for guns.

6. Guns play as a product in a capitalist economy to obtain money because guns are use for war, protection, and hobby to some people. Guns can be traded and sold to earn money for the economy because military everywhere use guns for training for self defense. Also people like to collect guns because of the looks, quality, or having sense of security, so people who buy guns help the economy earn a profit.


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