scholarly activity 10095311 2

To make this assignment relevant, approach it from your current role or a position you are looking to fill in the future.


Explain what you learned from this article and how you can apply the concepts.

·         Source must be referenced in APA style, and paraphrased and/or quoted content from the source should be cited using APA style citations.


Step 2: Analysis and organization:

· Paragraph 1: Gain the reader’s attention, provide a brief explanation of the purpose of learning to resolve conflict, and preview your main points.


· Paragraph(s) 2+: Explain how information/concepts from your source can help you manage or overcome conflict situations in your current role or a role you would like to fill in the future. Here are some questions to consider to get you started:

*      How have you historically handled conflict situations?

*      What are some important concepts/strategies you learned from the article?

*      How can you apply what you learned from the article?

*      Are there any points you agree or disagree with? Why?


· Concluding paragraph: Summarize your main ideas and end with a strong closing statement.


· References: All sources, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced in APA format.


Your Scholarly Activity must be a minimum of two pages in length. Please indicate which option you selected by including it in your assignment title.



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