chemistry post lab

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1) If you had not dried the solid, would the calculated percent yield have been higher, lower, or

unchanged? Explain


2) Boron trichloride is prepared from the following reaction.

2B2O3 + 6Cl2 + 3C –> 4BCl3 + 3CO2

If 67.0 g of B2O3 is mixed with 63.4g of Cl2 and 77.2 of C then….


a) What is the theoretical yield of boron trichloride? Report you answer in grams.


b) How much of each of the excess reactants will remain once the reaction is complete? Report you

answer in grams.


3) If during the drying process your product some of the dibenzalacetone passes through the filter paper


and goes into the filtrate. Will the percent yield be reported as too low, too high, or unchanged? Explain


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