final paper research study

Student will write a report (APA format) describing a research study in their area of study. This report will include the introduction, participants/sampling method, procedures, data analysis, and results/conclusions. The most important part of the Final Project is that you demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between a research question or purpose, the variables of interest (including the correct identification of the independent and dependent variables), the type of analysis (and associated statistical hypothesis statements), the type of data that is produced, and finally the correct interpretation of what rejecting or accepting the null hypothesis means in the context of your study.  Please keep in mind that the meaning of rejecting the null hypothesis is directly related to the statistical hypothesis statements that you set up in the beginning of your study (and this determines the inferences you draw from your data).  Also don’t forget that the null and alternative hypothesis statements are standard statements based on the type of analysis that you are conducting.  Your papers need to demonstrate that you understand that all of these pieces tie together in a systematic and purposeful way.

I recommend that you keep your final project “simple” as opposed to complex with several variables. You are not graded on the creativity of your design. In fact, often times, the more “creative” you are, the more likely you introduce error into your design.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please see the attached documents for project details and expectations, Please also see Final Project Rubric in the attachmed files. PLEASE READ THE 2 ATTACHMENTS. Thank you.

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