management discussion post 300 words or more

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Please do not copy from internet or textbook. I need original work that is not plagiarized. I will check completed work with Anti-Plag Software. Thanks



INSTRUCTION- Please read carefully.

Please read the below article and cite from them to discuss the below 2 questions. Your answer should be a discussion relating to the question. You’ll need to cite 1 or 2 of the below articles and then cite another Peer reviewed journal.


  • A wikibooks article:
  •  A you tube video:
  • Online article:
  •  Final online article:


1. Do you think that social loafing exists in all groups, and to what extent might it exist?

2. Does the importance of the group’s project/task play a factor in social loafing, and how would a leader of the group detect and stop the loafing?


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