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Financial Communication(FINA 360)-Student Assignment

Assignment Objective–The goal is to provide both a oral and written assignment that will allow the student to apply knowledge gained from the text and instructor’s comments while getting experience in written and oral communication. This assignment is at the Developmental level.

Written Communication Assignment:

1. Select two, public traded companies from the same industry. Get approval on

selection from Professor.

2. Research information on internet.

3. Paper should include:

a. Brief description of the companies

b. Three years of financial data for each company—Sales, Income After Tax(Income

available to common shareholder),

Share Price, Earnings per Share, Number of Outstanding Shares—any other

financial information you choose to discuss, do not just download and print

total financial statements–keep it focused–quantity is not the goal–understanding


c. Calculate at least one ratio(for three years) from each of the four(4) major

categories.–Profitability, Asset Utilization, Liquidity, Debt Utilization.

You will be calculating 12 ratios for each company. 3 years x 4 ratios=12

d. Based on the above(b. and c.)–what do you think of each company’s performance?

Would you prefer owning stock in one or both companies or neither?

4. Suggest you create a table for the financial/ratio information and then discuss

your observations on the information.

5. Length–4-8 pages(excluding title and references page), APA format.

Oral Communication Assignment:

6. Provide a 3-5 minute Power Point summary of your paper to share with the rest

of the class. Plan ahead–make notes. Do not just read from your paper.

This is a chance to consolidate and present your key thoughts much like

you might find yourself doing in the business environment.

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