assignment 54

Due in Week 5 – Training Methods (50 points) Back to Top

In this segment you will need to consider the method of delivery for this training. For this section, choose three different training methods discussed in the textbook or which you have found via outside research. Research your three methods and conduct and write an analysis, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each method with regard to your program’s learning outcomes. From this analysis, you will identify the method that will work best. Explain in your conclusion how the training method you choose will work with your project. Provide a table or chart to compare your three methods to include in your appendix as an easy reference, but provide the details of the analysis in paragraph format. Anticipated length of body of this assignment: 3-4 pages. Include at least 4 outside references in this portion of your paper, and properly cite them using APA formatting.

Grading for this section:
Analysis of 3 methods for training: 20 points
Choice of method and support for your project: 10 points
Table/chart in your appendix comparing the 3 methods: 10 points
APA formatting and references: 10 points

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