effective public speaking 1

  1. 1 What are the dimensions of credibility, and how important is credibility to the overall effectiveness of a persuasive speech? What strategies can improve low credibility?

  2. 2 How would you define persuasion, persuasive goals, and persuasive aims? Illustrate your definitions with specific examples.

  3. 3 Why is the motivated sequence audience-centered? How does the motivated sequence relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

  4. 4 When would comparative-advantages or criteria-satisfaction be more appropriate organizational patterns than Monroe’s motivated sequence?

  5. 5 What are ethical, logical, emotional, and mythic appeals? How are these appeals distinct, yet interrelated?

  6. 6 How important is evidence in a persuasive speech? How important are ethics in persuasive speaking? Does the importance depend on the audience and its shared needs and expectations?

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