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  1. Current Issue in Education PowerPoint Presentation (100 points)

You will choose a topic that is a current issue in education today. You will research the topic using information from at least 3 different appropriate and credible websites or journal articles (they will need to be sited at the end of the PowerPoint presentation). You will then create a presentation (of at least 10 slides) that will summarize the information you have gathered. Your audience would be teachers or parents. Your presentation should provide information about the topic and ask the participants to do something. It could be as simple as asking questions or helpful hints for parents.

The topics: Differentiated Instruction, Character Education, Creative Arts and Learning, Universal Pre-K, School Readiness, Closing Achievement Gaps, Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs, Inclusion, Problem-Based Learning, Teacher Mentoring or Induction, Early Literacy, Charter Schools, Parent Involvement, School Safety, High Stakes Testing, Improving Minority Student Performance, Bilingual Education or English as a Second Language, Advertising in Schools, or Teacher Leadership

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