history homework 20

In Unit 6, we studied past and present events and issues. In this project, you will choose one current event and establish a connection to it with a past event. You will write a five-paragraph essay describing the event and comparing it to a historical event.  


Be sure to pick an event that has relevance to you personally. It will be much easier to write a good paper if you are interested in the topic.  


Some events and issues we studied in this unit were political parties, Light Rail, epidemics, terrorism, dictatorships, computers, battlefield reporting, NCLB, the Middle East, conservation, NAFTA, and immigration, but you are free to select your own topic. 


Keep in mind that whatever topic you choose, you must link it to a past event and show the connection between the two. Describe how they are similar. 


You may do outside research for your events using newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, books, or maps, or stick with the material in the textbook, but whatever sources you use, you must list them at the end of your paper. Follow the citation style your teacher prefers. 

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