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Discussion 1

Who would have thought that OSHA and the IRS would be discussed in the same discussion topic of an HRM course? This topic will be a bit foundational, but also without as much precedential information as normal. First, we’ll start with OSHA. Visit the OSHA website at www.osha.org. Then, click on “More News” under the latest news area (http://www.osha.gov/newsrelease.html). Find your region and click the link. Review a recent news item about an OSHA violation from your region/area. Post a summary of the violation, the resulting fine (if any), the violation type (if provided), and what the company did wrong to cause the violation. Provide ideas for preventing such an accident or injury in the future, and the link to your news release.

What exactly are the basic requirements of OSHA for employers? What are the penalties for noncompliance?
Read the Application Case: STRIKING FOR BENEFITS at the end of Chapter 13. After reviewing the case, begin the discussion by addressing one of the following questions:
Discussion 2



Assume you are mediating this dispute. Discuss five creative solutions you would suggest for how the grocers could reduce the health insurance benefits and the cost of their total benefits package without making any employees pay more.


From the grocery chains’ point of view, what is the downside of having two classes of employees, one of which has superior health insurance benefits? How would you suggest they handle the problem?


Similarly, from the point of view of the union, what are the downsides of having to represent two classes of employees, and how would you suggest handling the situation?


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