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Through the ages, various forms of terrorism, such as assassination, kidnapping, and bombing, have been utilized by small splinter groups with political, religious, or sociological intent to force a regime change, dispose of a dictator or tyrant, to gain national independence, or to institute social reformation.

Assignment Guidelines


  • Address the following in 4 pages:
    • Select a specific historical terror campaign and answer the following questions (a good example would be the French Revolution; however, you are not limited to this selection):
      • What were the antecedents, or leading causes, of this campaign of terror? Explain.
      • What were the motivations of the terrorists? Explain in detail.
      • What actions were taken against the victims/targets during this terror campaign?
        • Explain the terrorist action and the outcome or consequences as a process of identifying and analyzing the historical explanations of domestic and international terrorism.
    • Generally speaking, what is the psychological makeup of a terrorist? Explain.
      • What types of people typically become part of a terrorist organization? Explain.
        • Consider mental disorders, age, education, etc. in your responses.
    • A constant given in terrorist motivation is to cause sociological reform. There may not be a mass movement as witnessed in the uprisings in the Middle East, but simply small groups defying the entrenched government.
      • What are the sociological explanations for motivations of domestic and international terrorism?
        • Consider religion, family, and governmental influence.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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