1 personnel and organization policy

800- 1000 words

Scenario: You are currently employed by a national Auto Parts retail chain. You started out as a customer service representative and have moved your way up through the ranks to store manager. Recently your company has indicated that they wish to promote you to District Manager, however, they want you to find your replacement as Store Manager.

Recruiting for labor, whether it is to expand operations or to replace outgoing personnel requires and understanding of the needs of the business and the skills necessary to perform the tasks at hand. When we seek to expand current operations we typically look outside or to new labor. However, when we are looking to replace or promote, we sometimes look internally.

Research different 2 different large, international companies and address the following issues:


  1. Provide 3 different criteria in selecting personnel when filling labor needs and their importance in the selection process. 
  2. Provide an advantage and a disadvantage of external selection for this position and an advantage and a disadvantage of internal selection
  3. _______________________________________________________________________________

Discussion Board 500- 700 words


Once a company has hired or promoted personnel, in order to make sure that the individual is prepared for the responsibilities, many companies provide an orientation into the new position, which ranges from dress code to discussing the companies code of conduct to the job requirements itself. However, a successful organization does not stop there…many provide on going training for the position.


  • Research a specific company’s orientation policy.
  • Describe 2 forms of training utilized by that company.
  • Discuss how effective you believe the orientation and training are on employees.
  • Would you recommend a change and if so, briefly describe how?



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