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Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes


In your course reader, read the poems of Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes and write a 2 page response for each poet.What are your general impressions of each poet’s work, as represented in the reader? What do you like or dislike about each poet? Your responses are open ended. The responses must be typed. They will be turned in a later date when the entire assignment is completed. 


Emily Dickinson

1. After great pain, a formal feeling comes

2. Much Madness is divinest Sense

3. I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

4. We grow accustomed to the Dark

5. I died for Beauty ——But was scarce

6. Some keep the Sabbath going to Church

7. I heard a Fly buzz —when I died

8. The Brain —is wider than the sky


Langston Hughes


1. Dream Deferred

2. Same in Blues

3. Mother to Son

4. The Negro Speacks of Rivers

5. I,too


6. My people

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