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Personalized Brain Power 

Your intelligence is not fixed. You have the power to improve and enhance your mental powers. For this final project, you will create your own personalized cognitive plan to maximize your brain’s power. This plan will include caring for and challenging your brain while reducing stress, as well as strategies for significant learning and self-directed learning breaks. 

Use all of your knowledge from the course and from what you have discovered about yourself: how the brain works, Growth Mindset, grit, mental challenges, assessment of your study skills, reflections on your fears and strengths, attention and focus, evaluation of “brain improvement” products, stress reduction and joy breaks. You will be gathering nearly all of the content for this project in our activities and discussions, journals and assignments. Use this information to produce your plan. 

The components of your Personalized Brain Power plan are: 

Written Analysis 

This portion of the project is communicating what youve learned about the brain and yourself. 

Summarize how your brain works and what it needs to function optimally. Assess your mindset and grit. Use the Cognitive Self-Assessment and Re-assessment, along with the mental challenges and Skills Assessment/Improvement, to rate your academic skills and abilities. Reflect on your fears and strengths, as well as your attention and focus, noting if they, or your perception of them, has changed. Measure your stress management and taking effective learning breaks. 

400-500 words

Times or Times New Roman, 12 pt, typed,double-spaced MLA style for formatting and citing any references 

Care Plan 

This portion of the project is the application of what you have learned by planning how you will continue to care for and challenge your brain.

Be specific in creating a schedule and set of goals for yourself. Consider this to be akin to a health and fitness plan where you map out what you are going to do, how much and when. Be sure to develop the following categories: 

  1. Nourishmentsuch as sleep, food, hydration and what to avoid 

  2. Stress reductionspecific activities that help you reduce your stress 

  3. Learning breaksspecific activities that refresh you 

  4. Attention & Focus skillsspecific activities that refocus your thinking 

  5. Academic skills improvementspecific activities to continue improving your study skills 

  6. Mental challengesactivities that challenge your thinking 




So what I want exaclty is homework with two double spaced pages for each homework  


it should include:



the first page should talk abut brain and how brain function and how we can improvement ( I got a list : sleep well, doing exercise, eat healthy, read, yoga, and walking) 


but for the second page I want: 

Care plan:

1_sleep well: and how sleeping will improve my brain function

2_eating well: and how eating well will help me

3_doing yoga: and how it will help me




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