1 explain what difference between 10 db decimals and 20db 2 automatic focus camera able

1. Explain what is the difference between 10 dB (decimals ) and 20dB? 2. An automatic focus camera is able to focus on objects by use of an ultrasonic sound wave. The camera sends out sound waves which reflect off distant objects and return to the camera. A sensor detects the time it takes for the waves to return and then determines the distance an object is from the camera. If a sound wave (speed = 340 m/s) returns to the camera 0.150 seconds after leaving the camera, how far away is the object? 3. Playing middle C on the piano keyboard produces a sound with a frequency of 256 Hz. Assuming the speed of sound in air is 345 m/s, determine the wavelength of the sound corresponding to the note of middle C.  4. A guitar string with a length of 80.0 cm is plucked. The speed of a wave in the string is 400 m/sec. Calculate the frequency of the first, second, and third harmonics. 5. A pitch of Middle D (first harmonic = 294 Hz) is sounded out by a vibrating guitar string. The length of the string is 70.0 cm. Calculate the speed of the standing wave in the guitar string. 6.  A frequency of the first harmonic is 587 Hz (pitch of D5) is sounded out by a vibrating guitar string. The speed of the wave is 600 m/sec. Find the length of the string. 7. Stan Dinghwaives is playing his open end pipe. The frequency of the second harmonic is 880 Hz (a pitch of A5). The speed of sound through the pipe is 350 m/sec. Find the frequency of the first harmonic and the length of the pipe. 8.  A flute is played with a first harmonic of 196 Hz (a pitch of G3). The length of the air column is 89.2 cm (quite a long flute). Find the speed of the wave resonating in the flute.

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