new puja 2 assignments

Assignment #1 Buddhism Paper Due 12/6/2013 Due by 5:00 PM


Resource: Buddhism Worksheet : Theravada Buddhism


Write a 500 word paper that does the following:


· Discusses the historical origins of the tradition.


· Includes unique practices and teachings of the tradition


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. NO Plagiarism.

Assignment #2 due 12/06/13 by 5:00 PM


Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Facilitation in Shinto


· A specific Indigenous Tradition Shinto


Prepare an interactive facilitation about the contemporary issues facing the assigned Eastern religious tradition in which you: 1500 word paper


· Discuss the common characteristics the assigned religion

shares with the others.


· Analyze the interactions between the modern world and the

assigned religion.


· Provide examples of how these interactions influence both the

assigned religion and the modern world.


Cite at least five references in addition to the readings for this



Formatcitations and references in accordance with APA guidelines. NO Plagiarism

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