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Submit your Compare and Contrast essay to the SafeAssign link below. Click on the link again to view the resulting SafeAssign report.

The Compare/Contrast Essay requires you to fully describe the similarities and differences between two things. You can call upon your personal experiences with these things but must remain objective and write your essay from the third person point of view. The essay will be two to three pages in length and employ APA format. 

Follow these guidelines to write your Compare and Contrast Essay:

  • Choose one of the following topics:
    • A musician and an athlete
    • Your home and your favorite vacation spot
    • A movie, and the book it was based on
    • Two different countries
    • Facebook versus Tumblr
  • Include an APA title page
  • This essay does not require outside sources
    • If outside sources are used, include APA in-text citations
    • If outside sources are used, include an APA Reference page
  • Include a running head
  • Be objective and avoid using “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” or “us.”



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