english research paper 7282005 2

Required Length: 31/2 to 4 pages

Assignment: You are to make an argument about any of the assigned texts (story, poem, or drama) on the syllabus. Your argument must try to say something important about the text. In other words, it must attempt some understanding of why it is important enough for a place in a college Literature textbook. Thus, you should keep in mind that, whatever text you choose, it did not just have some bearing on the social sphere in which it was written but continues to be relevant to contemporary audiences. You should analyze the text to explore the reasons for its continued relevance.


Research: You must include at least four academic sources to help you argue your point. Though some of these sources should support your claim, you may indicate the flaws of other arguments in order to suggest the significance of your own. Furthermore, you must include an annotated bibliography at the end of your paper that cites each source and includes at least four non-simple sentences, each of which should summarize the source and explain how it was useful to you in your argument. This annotated bibliography is not included in the 31/2 to 4 required pages of the argument. To find academic sources you must use either the library or the online databases JSTOR or Omnifile Fulltext. Do not simply google or wikipedia anything.  



Turning in the Assignment:  As always, your paper will immediately lose five points if it is not stapled or paper-clipped. Also, any use of first or second person will reduce your grade by one point per infraction. Avoid “to be” verbs and vague language. Remember to keep in mind various rejoinders to your argument and preemptively thwart them. You must use MLA to format your citations. Your paper must be double spaced, include Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and one-inch margins). Remember to include a name block at the top left corner of your paper with your name, my name, the class, and the date. Also, be sure to include the name of the text as your title. No title page is required.

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