literary discussion

Our reading from Muller and Williams talks about a number of different elements of writing, including character, setting, point of view, tone, symbolism, style, and theme. For this forum,

  1. Choose one of these elements of writing that you feel is important to the story;
  2. Explain one way in which this short story uses this element and why you see that element as an important part of the story

Please, divide your posts into paragraphs for easier reading, and make sure to reference, paraphrase, or quote specific passages from the text to support and illustrate what you say (and cite the passages using MLA citation format). In your responses to your classmates, focus on the content of the post.  Do not merely compliment your classmate; add to the discussion about the story.  For the responses, you are required to read the initial poster’s story (and prove that to your instructor).

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