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As the system administrator, you are always looking for ways to improve your network. Although there are many different types of operating systems, there are many versions of the operating systems, as well. After much research, you have decided that proprietary operating systems would not fit well in a health care facility. An open-source operating system may be a better fit. Your company is currently using a proprietary operating system. 

Comprehensive Analysis and Review

Download the Comprehensive Analysis Review Template

Use the template to complete the following elements:

  • Compare and contrast proprietary, open-source, and hybrid operating systems. 
  • Explain why your company’s proprietary operating system will have to be upgraded. 
  • Explain why other operating systems may or may not fit. 
  • Choose an operating system, and then summarize your thoughts about your choice. 
  • Include an explanation of why standardization is very important. 

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