You have just been appointed as the new court administrator for a medium sized court system with approximately 75 employees and 5 full-time courts. This is a new position for the courts, as in the past each individual court has primarily managed itself, except for the employee hiring process, which was completed through the County Human Resource Division. Upon taking your post, you quickly find out that none of the courts seem to be willing to cooperate with each other, or for that matter, any of the other various county offices, such as the County Clerks Office and the District Attorney’s Office. Rumors and gossip about mismanagement abound, and the communications process between the five courts appears to be at a stand still. The courts currently have a huge backlog of cases awaiting trial, and in addition, employee morale is low and the turnover rate high.

  • How would you respond to the turnover problem that?

In 3-4 paragraphs

  • Research the Internet and find 3 instances involving police misconduct. This may be an instance where the police were in violation of rules or procedures mandated by the police department, an instance of criminal misconduct, or an example of unlawful use of force against a citizen.
  • Briefly give a summary of the 3 situations in your own words. Do not cut and paste an article into the Discussion Board.
  • Provide your own analysis of what could be done to avoid future instances of this conduct for each of your articles.
  • Support your viewpoints from your readings and other appropriate outside sources.

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