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Answer Questions and their parts in 2 or 3 pages per question.

1. According to Niccoli Machiavelli, what role does religion play in politics, is being religious/appearing religious important,does religion serve our political interests well in principalites and republics, what sort of religion does Machiavelli think best serve our political interests as rulers and citizens, does machiavelli have an accurate understanding of the relationship between religion and politics, Why or why not?


2. John Locke argues that we have a natural right to property that government is required to respect. Why does he think we have natrual property rights? Why are we allowed to enclose and accumulate property if God originally gave us everthing to enjoy in common? Is Locke’s argument about Property convincing? why or why not?


It is due today Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. central time.

The book that I am working out of is Classics of Moral and Poltical theory ISBN:978-0-87220-776-9

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