current economic event

Current Economic Events: Read and think about current economic events in periodicals such as the Economist, Oregonian and Wall Street Journal.


Describe a current event connected to the course material for the week (content topics can be found listed at the beginning and in the summary at the end of each textbook chapter) from a recent periodical.


Include a direct quote from the textbook and describe the connection to this week’s course content, and the in-text citation (Author, page #). Include the textbook page reference. 


Include the Article Citation (Author, Date, Title, Publisher, Location/web address) and the textbook content page reference.



 choose a topic from included: Money and Monetary Policy this week. The central bank of the US, known as the Federal Reserve System, the monetary system, definitions of and the various roles money plays, Monetary Policy tools policy employed to close output gaps. 


write one page

 attached files could help

book name: Macroeconomics, 4th Edition by Krugman/Wells 

by Krugman/Wells

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