watch three short videos then finish assessments (story time)


Child’s Name:



Date Observed:

Place a check for the characteristic viewed in the video.

Please write down at least five Reading Behaviors you expect to observe below:

Reading Behaviors Observed: 

(Please checkmark any behaviors/characteristics observed below)

Characteristic Present 

1.      Example: Describes picture in book








5.        (Sams story video)


Example of Anecdotal Record: (See reading in Chapter 12 of Digital Book).


If another observation is done at a later date, then use a different color of ink to note the change of date for the second or third observation. 


Purpose of the Observation Identified:  Vocabulary level

Date of Observation

Name of Child: 

Make up a name here for this exercise.

Age of Child: Guess at age here for this exercise


Summary of observation written out here.  This summary can provide information about objective details observed.  Subjective data should not be considered.  In our exercise, we will be noting the vocabulary level on one observation.    












 (Shared Readings)



Pick one child from the video and use a fictitious name. In column one record exactly what the child says in the video.  Put your cursor at the end of the word “Here” and click the tab key to add another row. At the end of each row, add another one in the same manner until you have completed your observation.

Child Says:


(Author, Copyright, Page Numbers)


1.      The yellow cat

Harry, the yellow cat

Child provides own title for story.

2.      The yellow cat took a ride.

Harry was a yellow cat who went on a trip. 

Child gives setting statement; uses past tense.





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