federal reserve powerpoint presentation due 21 sep 6 pm



Prepare 4 slide PowerPoint® presentation to include reference identifying the art deco styles FEDERAL RESERVE buildings,  IN WASHINGTON  DC using the imageS . In your presentation, include an image, with captions, for  Art Deco STYLE. Address the following in your presentation:

  • Background information on the building, i.e. year built, the architect, etc.

  • A disussion of how, and in what ways, the building is representative of its style

  • How the architecture in the Washington, DC metropolitan area was/has been influenced by industry and technology
  • How the buildings you selected follow the development of the American industrial–commercial financial complex
  • How the styles of the buildings in the Washington, DC metropolitan area have evolved over the years and why they might have changed

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines and include a slide with properly formatted references. Note: You must use your course text as a reference for this assignment. This means that you should use quoted or paraphrased text from your readings to support your responses to, and discussion of, the assignment questions. As a reminder, any outside sources you use should come from the University Library and/or come from credible and reliable Internet sources (i.e. not Wikipedia, About.com, Ask.com, etc.)

Be prepared to present your Evolution of Architecture Presentation in class. In order to receive full credit, all team members must be in attendance and participate in the presentation.


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