600 1000 words extended summarization assignment onaggression impact media violence sissela

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I need a 600-1000 WORDS  extended summary of the above titled work. Please note that there are many summary on the internet and I coud easily have copied and pasted or re-engineered other people’s work but I need original work. I am so busy that I am unable to write a page of letter to my friend at the moment let alone an assignment of this nature- this is why I need original work. So, if you are not gonna give me original work, please do not bid. I will use 2 DIFFERENT PLAGIARISM SOFTWARE to check out for plagiarism so please beware.



Extended Summarization Assignment on:”AGGRESSION: THE IMPACT OF MEDIA VIOLENCE,” by Sissela Bok      After having critically read chapters relevant to the assignment, as well as the information about Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation from both your textbook and your handbook,. Separate points, thesis, and supporting material; summarize points and paraphrase what you think is the most effective supporting material; add a good variety of signal-phrases, varying their placement in each sentence, after a complete introduction of your source. Organize your extended summary so it reads easily and logically. Be sure to proofread to avoid plagiarism and to edit faulty grammar and punctuation.

Grading Criteria:

–ability to write an extended summary by breaking an essay into its main parts, paraphrasing and summarizing points, thesis, and most important supporting material, and then by organizing your summarization into a coherent whole that is focused on your source’s intellectual property.

–ability to summarize and paraphrase objectively (Nothing should appear to be your idea, opinion, or research in the summarization of someone else’s intellectual property.)

–ability to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation



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