short answers2

1. Min: 200 words

Choose Coca-Cola Co and another organization of your choice. For each organization, choose one of the eleven business strategies and provide both the definition of the strategy and an example of how it is applied in the organization. Use the table displayed below. Remember that there may be multiple strategies that apply to a company’s profile, so expect to see numerous choices.



Your Example

e.g., Unrelated Diversification

Adding new, unrelated products or services

Your Portfolio target organization

e.g., Divestiture

Selling a division or part of an organization

Your choice for one other


2. Min: 200 words.

This centers on how social responsibility, politics, ethics, and organizational culture impact strategic analysis and choices. How would for-profit and nonprofit organizations differ in their applications of the strategy formulation framework? Be sure to consider the mission of the organization type and the discussion focus above.

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