now you know more about hris where and how have you used hris your current or former workpla

Now that you know more about HRIS, where and how have you used HRIS at your current or former workplace? This includes using a self-service portal to clocking in and out for your shift.

here is the first responds write 2 paragraphs to it with refrences

I currently work as an Operations Manager and I absolutely use HRIS. Our time clock, employee files, employee performance, employee self-service portal, training, scheduling, 401k, benefits, payroll and all of our hiring is done through HRIS systems. I use these systems on a daily basis; the HRIS systems make my job so much easier. A lot of our HR reps are about to work from home and they can manage our facilities from remote locations. It saves cost and time. As an example, I could not imagine handling the volume of applicants we receive for employment through the use of a non-electronic system. We receive upwards of 300 applicants per day, every step is now electronic. HRIS has definitely made our business much more efficient with centers all over the U.S and Austria

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