fiscal policy 4

a.) Please be sure to use the textbook and any other websites (at least three) to analyze Fiscal Policy. You have already practiced with this in the assignment that just passed! Include in your paper the importance and significance of the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA)




b.) The goal of the paper is to accomplish the following:


1.) A brief overview of your articles and other research (please use outside resources that are academically based!!)


2.) A demonstration of your understanding of the CEA and the entire concept of Fiscal Policy…if using CONNECT access any videos you like as well; if not, all internet sources including the CEA website will be helpful.


3.) End with your opinion of the current makeup of the Council information you uncovered. Be sure to check out the CEA point of view on the condition of the economy or economic recovery.




Again, it is eight full paragraphs (a minimum of 6 to 7 sentences each)….you must include at least two website citations along with the textbook…again, whatever version of the text you are using will contain information about Fiscal Policy…

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