event dis week 7

Please answer the question below. If you have a site please refer it under the answer that you use. Moreover please number for the answer


1.You have been planning a marathon for the past year and suddenly your flight to the event is interrupted due to weather and you are diverted to another state. There is no way you will be able to be there. Your production binder is big. So big, in fact, that it fills a five inch binder. Your assistant knows a bit about the event but not the details. What details does she need to know to take your place today?


2.Describe some current and future technology trends in event management. What would be a perfect event management solution?

3.Describe some current and future labor trends in event management.  How is labor changing in the event management industry?

4.Explore future management and organizational trends in event management.  How will these trends impact the event management industry?

5.Timing is everything. You have $100,000 and want a dream wedding. Now, go do it! Begin with the end in sight and pick a day. From there, plan your event. Propose a timeline for a dream wedding, complete with all the key components required in planning an event. How much time do you need?

6.Describe some of the less-than-obvious career choices you have in event management. What are some of the subfields in event management?

7.Go to www.hcareers.com and research some open positions in event management.  Describe one open position that you would be interested in and why?

8.Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) is one of the largest meeting and event management associations in the world.  Explore their website (http://www.pcma.org/) and discuss two things you find interesting about this association.

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