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A thesis statement is the central crux of your paper. In the case of the argumentative research essay, it is one sentence that clearly states the topic as well as the argument of your paper. A thesis statement must not be a fact; it must be an arguable position on a topic. Consider the following two statements:

Example 1: Many high school students play after-school sports.
Example 2: While many feel that participating in sports in high school may decrease the amount of time and attention spent on schoolwork, high school athletics promote physical fitness, teamwork, and opportunities for higher education.

Of these two sentences, which would make the better thesis? Which one is arguable and has multiple points of view? Example two is the better thesis because it is an argument. Example one is a fact. It is not arguable.

Your task is to craft a thesis statement that clearly and concisely states your argument. Do not use first or second person—keep your thesis statement objective by using third person and excluding any personal opinions.

After you present your thesis statement, provide at least one paragraph explaining why your thesis statement is argumentative and how you can support your thesis statement throughout your paper. Though not all debates are so black and white as to have only two sides, you should aim to identify at least two sides of the issue at hand (both the side represented by your thesis statement, and at least one other). Then, discuss a few potential supporting points you could develop within the body of your paper and back up with information from your research.

By Saturday, July 26, 2014, post your thesis statement and explanation paragraph to the Discussion Area.

  I’m not sure if my note was unclear, but no reseach should be used for this essay. There are sentences that are almost identical to what is found in this source: Also, the headings in your assignment are identical to what is in this source. Like I mentioned in my previous note, taking information from sources without giving credit is plagiarism. Please remove all words/ideas that were taken from this source and revise the essay with your own words. The point of this assignment is to get you to start brainstorming about the topic, not to include information/ideas from a website. 


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