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Monte Carlo Method


Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the SkillSoft® courses, watching the Lynda.com® videos, independent student reading, and research.


  • Complete the Skillsoft® course, “Basic Statistics and Graphical Methods for Six Sigma.”
  • Complete the Skillsoft® course, “Risk Management: Assessing Risk.”
  • Watch the Lynda.com video, “Up and Running with Excel What-If Analysis.”
  • Watch the Lynda.com video, “What do you need to know to be an analytics professional?”
  • Watch “Performing Monte Carlo Simulation” of the Lynda.com “Up and Running with Excel What-If Analysis,” video.




Recreate the simulation presented in the “Performing Monte Carlo Simulation” video.


Submit the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet along with a 1- to 2-page explanation on how the Monte Carlo tool can be used in risk assessment.

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