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Discussion Question:


In the 1990s, it was considered, at best, unprofessional and, at worst, unethical for doctors or hospitals to promote themselves in advertising or marketing. Currently hospitals include marketing departments. Discuss three pros and cons of this new policy. Consider what would happen to a hospital if it did not advertise or market in any way.


At what point would hospital advertising become unethical?


Have you ever noted a hospital advertisement that you felt went “over the line?”


What was it about that advertisement that you felt was wrong?


Would advertising cause different effects in different parts of the country?


Are there different ethical considerations for advertising in different parts of the country?


Justify your viewpoint using examples.


By Sunday, August 25, 2013 respond to the discussion question assigned by the Faculty. Submit your response to the appropriate Discussion Area. Use the same Discussion Area to comment on your classmates’ submissions and continue the discussion Wednesday, August 28, 2013. Comment on how your classmates would address differing views.


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