write a 6 page assignment that relate to child observation and answer the questions

write a 6 page assignment that relate to child observation and answer the questions

Not include the front page and reference page. Please follow all the structure that the assignment mention.

Answer all the question carefully.

Complete ethical considerations by obtaining permission to observe the child CHLD 2 Observation Permission letter2019-1.pdf. Plan a time when you can observe a child between 6 years and 12 years of age. Complete a running record and observe the child for one hour. You can observe the child in a school setting, home, or church/mosque/ temple. Use descriptive language—avoid your personal biases in your running record. Analyze your observation, responding to each point of the questions below. Be specific in describing what you see.

Your paper should include a running record and the following information. See sample paper. School Age Observation.pdf

Guiding Points

Demographic Information and Setting

Child’s Gender:

Child’s Age:

Date and time of day:

Observation Site or Location:

Number of children resent:

Number of adults present:

Section I: Describe the indoor environment:

Tell me about the physical space, furnishings in the setting, variety of lightening and textures, noise level and the overall tone of this setting.

Look around the classroom and describe what you see inside the classroom, area by area, center by center. Please include with this description a simple floor plan of the classroom in your observation journal.

Describe all areas of interest to children, teachers and other adults and what is available to the child: art, dramatic play, blocks, reading science), snack area, a quiet corner, storage for personal belongings, bathroom facilities-Younger grades.

Section II: Choose a child to observe and provide a detailed, head-to-toe physical description of the child. Note the physical characteristics such as color of skin, hair eyes and teeth, legs, arms, finger, toes, tummy etc. Consider length, shape, physical characteristics and markings of the child.

Complete Running Record

Use the following prompts to ensure that you cover each developmental domain in your running record.

Section III: Physical/Motor Development

Describe all the ways you see the child uses their body. Provide several examples of what you see for both fine and large motor, preferably both inside and outside of the classroom.

Describe their fine motor skills (such as using a pencil, crayon, building with legos, turning pages of books).

Describe large motor skills (such as climbing, skipping, hopping, jumping, kicking, running, throwing, balancing).

Section IV: Cognitive Development

Observe the child’s play and interaction with the environment.

Describe at least one activity that the child is involved in for 20 minutes or more.

  • How does the child first approach the activity? How does he or she use the materials?
  • Describe the focus of the child (attention, persistence or distraction).
  • Describe the child’s level of engagement, the tempo of play and the amount of energy the child is investing in their play.
  • Describe the child’s body movements, facial expressions.
  • Does the child engage in any “self talk”? Give examples.

As you observe this child discuss the other activities that they move to.

  • Are there any activities they seem to avoid?

Section V: Social Emotional Development

Peer Interaction:

  • How many other children are involved with the child?
  • How do they interact with each other? Provide examples.
  • Does the child have any particular playmates during this time?

Provide some examples of dialogue that occurs between children.

Discuss what clues do you get about the child’s social-emotional development from listening to and observing the child’s interactions with their peers?

Observation Write UP Guidelines

You should write a paper and include a running record in the paper. The paper should be 5-8 pages long, including the running record.


Background information about child and setting. (1-2+ paragraphs)

Body of text: 3-4+ pages

Running Record


Find and create your own codes and themes, which emerge from your running record data collection. Use these guiding points, if you need assistance.

Resources Discussion 1

  1. Make inferences and use quotes to support evidence of the following
  2. Describe the ways that the child was able to explore and use materials in their environment during the time of your observation.
  3. Describe the child’s overall development and use evidence from your observation data to determine if the child is developing appropriately?
  4. Describe the child’s social-emotional development and interactions with classroom peers?
  5. What impact did the child’s interactions with peers have on the child’s learning and school experiences?

Conclusion: 2+ paragraphs

Discuss finding and relate it to Piaget and Vygotsky’s theories

Piaget and Vygotsky suggested that the environment and social relationships play a key role in learning and reflects the philosophy of the teacher and the program. Use the information collected from your observation data to describe how the child’s learning/home environment and social relationships affected the child’s learning and overall development.


Dr. Ebesugawa

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