principles that underpin critical thinking and writing 2

Total 18 questions

Section A: Overview of Basic Concepts of a statement (Qn 1 to 10)

For each of the following questions, identify the truth of the statement in bold. Then indicate your answer as TRUE or FALSE.

Section B: Truth Conditions for Compound Statements (Qn 11 to 15)

Distinguish each of the following compound statements as true or false.

Section C: Categorical Syllogism (Qn 16 to 17)

For each syllogism, use Venn diagrams to illustrate whether they are valid and explain why.

Section D: Arrow Diagrams (Qn 18)

a) Recognise the statements given in the passage which are premises or intermediate conclusions or final conclusions of the argument. Then, number these statements. [When you do the numbering, you do not have to state the numbered statements verbatim; you might find it helpful to shorten the statement while capturing its import.]

b) Develop the argument in the passage through an arrow diagram. You will be graded on your ability to identify the premises, the intermediate and the final conclusion of the argument; and on your ability to illustrate the structure of the argument.

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