need a 5 page single space research paper

The project is based on 5 or >5 journal papers (each for 2 points) that are related to solar, wind, or PEM fuel cell technology (Dr. Wang will provide 1-2 papers for each topic. You select 1 paper according to your own interest or background and find additional 5 relevant papers. Use google scholar for search.). The selected literature articles or topic will be critically evaluated (summarize and comment on their work). An example is “Wang et al. A review of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: technology, applications, and needs on fundamental research”. Please follow the ASME conference paper format (see the sample).

under there is the requirment for the research paper, i already choose the topic paper and put it in the files. i also put the requirement file. please read it carefully and wirte the paper with at least 5 journal paper as references.

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