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M03 Discussion Board

1515 unread replies.1515 replies.

This is the second discussion board topic forum. Post at least a 250 word reflection by Thursday, Feb. 14 at 11:59 PM EST of this week.

By Sunday at 11:59 PM EST, you will need to have responded to a classmate with at least 150 words.
For your second discussion board topic, you will need to watch “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; Ferguson, MO, and Police Militarization,” which can be found in the Required Learning Materials for Module 3 or by clicking the link above.

Click on reply at the bottom. This will open a dialogue box. Respond to the following:

How can we analyze the possible social benefits or consequences to society created by the militarization of the police using our sociological imagination? How can we relate this discussion to current world events?

For this discussion, you may want to focus on the following key concepts in the course:

Dysfunction, Social Cohesion, Social Control, Strain Theory, Labeling Theory

Refer to the discussion board rubric for more information on how to compose your original and response post.


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