theology social justice paper child soldiers 2

Plan for Reform

4-5 pages double space

Section I: Call for Reform

  • Identify one problem related to your injustice for which you want to develop a solution.
  • How does your understanding of Catholic Social Teaching shape your vision for the change you are proposing?
  • Are there any theologians, saints or feminist thinkers whose beliefs and insights impact your vision and reform?
  • Why do you think your proposal will work?

Section II: Action Plan

  • What is your Action Plan? Be sure to design a detailed step by step process for executing it.

Section III: Action Plan Analysis

  • From the Social Justice standpoint, what kind of solution is this? Short term/ Charity or long term/Justice? At what level is your solution? Emerging? Developing? Proficient? Exemplary?
  • Are there social, political, ideological, religious, or cultural obstacles that challenge the success of your plan? Explain and analyze in detail.
  • How do you want to share what you have done with the community at the Social Justice Fair?

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