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PART 1 – The Stress Response

The human body responds to stress in a variety of ways. The effects of the stress response differ depending on whether the stress is short-term or prolonged. Individual differences can impact how a person will respond to stress from both a physiological and psychological level. Consider how you respond to stress and what strategies you use to cope with stressful situations.

Please examine both the body’s normal response to short-term stress, as well as the effects of prolonged stress. With these thoughts in mind:

Post a description of the body’s response to stress. Then, explain two ways these responses are normally counteracted, and what happens if the responses are prolonged. Finally, explain how individual differences in recovery from stress can affect biological and psychological resilience. Support your postings and responses with specific references to the literature and Learning Resources.


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    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.



On this week’s Assignment, you select one of the topics below and synthesize the research related to the topic. The first topic asks you to examine smoking addiction and cessation. The second topic asks you to evaluate the biopsychology of emotions.

The Assignment:

Write a 10-page paper using the current literature to support your paper. Cite at least ten peer-reviewed references in APA style.

  • Smoking Addiction and Cessation
    Using the Walden Library research at least ten articles related to smoking addiction and smoking cessation. Explain the potential effects of smoking addiction on appetite, stress, and health. Also explain how smoking cessation affects appetite, stress, and health.

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