case presentation for the nursing staff

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Case scenario

You are a nurse in charge of community health education in the public health department of your city.

There an outbreak of a communicable/infectious disease in your area where 200 people are infected and two are in the hospital in critical condition.You need to present an education section regarding the disease to a group of people working in the emergency management program of city.

can be hepatitis A ???) (my city is Hialeah Gardens 33018)

Using the communicable/infectious disease topic that you choose in your week 5 assignment.

Elaborate now this presentation that must include the following:

1.Objectives of the presentation

2.Epidemiological data relate to the condition

( Example: previous and actual statistics result about the condition that produce this outbreak)

3.Levels of prevention and interventions

4.Involvement and role of the public/community health professionals

5.Impact of the condition in the community

6.Plan of action


You must follow APA guidelines and use at least 4 evidence-based references.

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