assignment 123 1

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Information literacy is a key 21st century skill as more and more information is being posted online by individuals. Think about using tools to evaluate websites for authenticity, accuracy, bias and timely. Find 5 websites and evaluate them using one of the tools listed below, or any other that you may have used before. Write your evaluation of these websites and reflect on why they do or do not meet each of the criteria.

The websites you choose should be related to content that would be taught in K-12 classrooms. For the assignment, you need to provide the URL for each website you choose. Make sure to check for spelling and grammar.

Examples of web evaluation tools include:………

Assignment #2

Read carefully through the Copy right Chart. Look at each category, and reflect on the following:

What prior knowledge did you have before looking at this chart?

What is your new learning?

Why is it important for students in schools to know this information? (250 words)

Assignment #3

Please read the articles and post your reflections (250 words)

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