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What are the professional obligations of the Health System Board?

Many Health Systems are moving towards clinically lead organizations putting into place Physician/APP CEOs as well as ensuring there is strong clinical leadership on the Governing Board. What is the risk/benefit to this strategy?

If you had an opportunity to serve on a Board, what would you want to make sure your orientation to the Board included?

For Readings and Discussion Board :

Healthcare governance is a framework that holds Boards and leaders of an organization accountable for continuously improving business outcomes and operations, clinical staff and processes, and financial outcomes. Governance can also include the clinical outcomes which includes caring for patients, managing clinical practices and administration.

The Board and leaders of a health system establish goals and objectives to help drive the organizations success as well as manage business risks. Well organized Boards include members with a strong community involvement, diverse in their background and experience and an understanding of their role in governance.

A short video on Nurses Serving on Boards

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