ITC4780 Unit II Mini Project

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Unit II Mini Project – NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED FOR TURN IN ON 9/6/2013!!!
Analyze the Running Case on page 331 of the textbook, The Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project.
• Complete Tasks 1-3 of the case, and use Excel and/or screenshots as necessary to display your data.
• Summarize your findings in a 700 word minimum, APA formatted, Word document.
• Any Excel documents and/or screenshots created to display your tasks need to be copied and pasted into the Word document at the end of the summary, and the assignment should be submitted as one document.


below is the APA format for the textbook as a required reference:

Schwalbe, K. (2011). Information Technology Project Management: Project Management. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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