CJ 2241 Survey of Criminal Law must answer the question plus (5) separate DB posts below with response each mush be 50 words min

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Each question is to be answered with at least 75 words with proper citing of sources PEER Articles only please APA format!  Each response is to be separated 1-5 this way I know which is which


The responses below are to have differnt views of whats written above so that I can post later in my discussion B


1) 50 Response  2) 50 Response  3) 50 Response  4) 50 Response  5)50 Response 


(Text is Criminal Procedure Sixth Edition)


Trials. Use the below case( link) to discuss “free press versus fair trial”. What evidence was available for the jury? Give at least one type of evidence presented. Each student will present a different type of evidence and give its significance.  

Additional requirement: As part of the discussion requirement, you are at some point during the week, post ONE case that YOU find on free press versus a fair trial. Each is to post a different case so learning will be enhanced. USE a legal decision, an actual legal case….US v Dipstick…….NO OJ, Rodney, NO Trevan, etc. Give an actual case that you research from the TU Library!!! It must be a legal decision!

How long did the jury stay out for each trial? Were the juries deadlocked?

NOTE: During the discussion, a new case will be posted that has some similar issues. You are required to read and comment on this case as well. Full points will not be given if you do not post to it. It will be posted about the 4th day of the discussion.





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