UMUC PSYC 100 6381 Intro to Psychology

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Need someone that is familiar with the UMUC PSyc 100 research paper requirements attachedis the full project.  Also need to know the proposed topic so I can submit it for approval.


Pick a topic that is interesting to you within the field of Psychology. write a minimum of five full pages of double spaced text including a summary about the symptoms of mental illness(es) that were observed, what the psychological diagnosis means, ways that his illness impacted his family, and how does this shape your view on mental illnesses. Please include a cover sheet and a reference sheet- this is not included in your page count.  The paper should have a minimum of three scientific references.  One inch margins on all sides; 12-point Times New Roman and saved as a Word document. I will accept the summary late. You will be penalized 10% per day that it is late, up to 7 days. After 7 days, the research paper will not be accepted.


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